Granite Rock

Granite rock is very common.

It is the most common intrusive rock on the Earth.

It is an intrusive igneous rock, which means it is formed under the Earth's surface, in plutons and other igneous intrusions, when magma cools.

Because magma cools relatively slowly there, granite is not the finest grained, its grains are medium size.

  granite rock

It has an interlocking texture, i. e. its grains are intelocked like in a puzzle.

  granite texture

It is always closely associated with mountain building and it is often seen in large batholiths, which have been uplifted and uncovered by erosion.

  granite rocks 

We see granite everywhere, and its texture is so typical it seems really easy to identify.

  what is granite

But when we talk about granite, we mean what geologists actually call granitoids - a group of granite-related rocks.

The actual granite needs laboratory methods to be idenitified.

  types of granite
  El Capitan in Yosemity by Rick van der Meiden via

The different types of granite include, but are not limited to white, pink, graphic, porphyritic, hornblende, orbicular and rapakivi granite, porphyritic, white and pink microgranite, tonalite, granodiorite and more.

  granite types
  Devils Marbles in Australia by Peter Nijenhuis via

It is a felsic rock, which contains about 70% silica

Granite's main minerals are quartz, feldspar and mica, however with so many different variations, the whole mineral composition of course varies.

If the magma with the same composition forms an extrusive igneous rock, it will be rhyolite.

  granite pictures
  Mount Rushmore in the northern US by Liz Lawley via

Granite is widely used in buildings, kitchen countertops and tombstones. Some of the famous occurences are Devils Marbles in Australia, and El Capitan in Yosemity and Mount Rushmore in the northern US.

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