Iron Minerals

On this page you have the iron minerals.

Pure iron element is found in the Eather's core and in the outer space (meteorites), but in the crust of the Earth iron is found in alloys or minerals.

The main iron minerals are iron oxides magnetite, hematite, limonite and goethite.

The most important iron ore is hematite.

 iron minerals

Other minerals that contain iron include aegirine, aerinite, 
allanite, alloclasite, alluaudite, amarantite, anapaite, andradite, ankerite, annite, anthophyllite, antitaenite, arsenopyrite, arthurite, astrophyllite, augite, axinite, bagrationite, balangeroite, beraunite, berthierite, beudantite, biotite, bonaccordite, bornite, briartite, bronzite, bukovite, calderite, carminite, celadonite, cerite, chaidamuite, chalcopyrite, chamosite, chapmanite, childrenite, chlorastrolite, chondrodite, chromite, cleusonite, clinohumite, cobaltite, coconinoite, cohenite, collinsite, columbite, copiapite, cordierite, corkite, coyoteite, cronstedtite, crossite, cubanite, cummingtonite, cylindrite, cyrilovite, demantoid, emmonsite, enstatite, epidote, ericssonite, eudialyte, fayalite, ferberite, ferrihydrite, ferrimolybdite, ferroselite, fluororichterite, fougerite, franklinite, freibergite, fukuchilite, gadolinite, galaxite, germanite, glaucodot, glauconite, glaucophane, gormanite, graftonite, greigite, grunerite, halotrichite, hapkeite, haxonite, hedenbergite, hercynite, hisingerite, homilite, hornblende, humite, hypersthene, ilmenite, ilvaite, indite, jacobsite, jamesonite, jarosite, jeffersonite, kamacite, kamiokite, kankite, keilite, kesterite, knebelite, kremersite, lazulite, lepidocrocite, lipscombite, lodestone, ludwigite, lulzacite, maghemite, magnesioferrite, marcasite, melanterite, melilite, messelite, mohrite, mooihoekite, niningerite, olivine, omphacite, oregonite, osumilite, ottrelite, pentlandite, phlogopite, pigeonite, povondraite, purpurite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, rhodonite, riebeckite, ringwoodite, roaldite, sabieite, safflorite, saponite, scorodite, scorzalite, segelerite, sekaninaite, sewardite, siderite, siderotil, smaltite, stannite, staurolite, sugilite, switzerite, taconite, taenite, talnakhite and tapiolite.

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