List of Minerals

On this page you have a list of minerals groups.

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Iron Minerals

iron minerals
Magnetite. ©

is most often found in alloy with nickel, and even then it is a rare element to find on the Earth's surface. But it does occur in iron minerals like iron oxides magnetite, hematite, limonite and goethite. And it also occurs in smaller amounts in about 200 other minerals, including 

arsenopyrite, bronzite, pyrite,
chalcopyrite, chromite, ferrihydrite
ferrimolybdite, ferroselite, iron sulfide, pyroxferroite and pyrrhotite.

Zinc Minerals

zinc minerals
Willemite. ©

is a native element that is not found by itself but in minerals. Zinc minerals include but are not limited to sphalerite, willemite, clinohedrite, zincite, smithsonite, phosphophyllite, fraipontite, wurtzite, staurolite, jeffersonite, rosasite, goslarite, herbertsmithite, reinerite, adamite and hopeite.

Copper Minerals

copper minerals
Azurite. ©

is also a native element, stable enough to not to react with other elements too much but it is sometimes found in copper minerals such as copper oxides like azurite and malachite, as well as copper sulphides like bornite, covellite, chalcocite,
chalcopyrite, enargite, tetrahedrite, and in fact in more than 100 other minerals.

Sulphur Minerals

sulphur mineral
Cinnabar. ©

Sulphur is a natural element which is yellow and can either be massive, or occur in tabular or pyramidal crystals. It can be found in sulphide and sulphate minerals (sulphur minerals) such as stibnite, sphalerite, galena, cinnabar, pyrite, barite, alunite and gypsum.

Magnesium Minerals

magnesium mineral
Brucite. ©

Magnesium minerals
actinolite, ankerite, anthophyllite,
augite, biotite, brucite, chromite, cordierite, cummingtonite, diopside, dolomite,
enstatite, epsomite, forsterite, garnet, glaucophane, hornblende, illite, lazulite, magnesite, magnesium oxide, montmorillonite, manganvesuvianite, olivine, omphacite, periclase, pigeonite, pyrope, rhodonite, richterite, riebeckite, spinel, talc and tremolite. 

Gold Minerals

gold minerals
Gold. ©

is a native element, but it is also found in some minerals. Gold minerals, or minerals that contain gold are auricupride, aurostibite, calaverite, kostovite, krennerite, nagyágite, petzite, rhodite, sylvanite and uytenbogaardtite.

List of minerals - Clays

clay minerals
Talc. ©

Clay minerals
are very fine grained minerals such as kaolinite, illite, halloysite, bentonite, talc, and green and brown nontronite. Under the microscope it can be seen that they consist of thin plates. They form mostly from the weathering of feldspars and other minerals rich in aluminium. They are often found in soils, sediments, and sedimentary rocks.

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