Marble Rock

Marble rock can be either regional or contact metamorphic rock. 

That means it can form by rising temperatures and pressures, or by heat only.

The main mineral it consists of is calcite (there is also a dolomitic version that consists of dolomite).

Other minerals - impurities - include quartz, mica, pyrite, iron oxides and graphite.

 marble rock

More rarely sphene, tourmaline, epidote, zoisite, spinel, garnet, albite, labradorite, tremolite and/or diposide can also be present.

 marble cutting board

So unless it's white and consists of calcite only, some impurities are giving it a different colour.

 clean marble
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It is formed at high temperatures and low to high pressures.

 marble furniture
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It has a crystalline structure and it is soft, much softer than quartz, which can look similar. It has a fine to coarse texture.

 marble stains 
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It forms from limestone (or dolomite - the dolomitic version).

 marble kitchen
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It is easy to distinguish from quartz by trying its softness or testing it with HCl - it reacts to the acid.

 marble house 
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Due to its softness it is perfect to sculpture and has been sculptured since ancient times.

 marble granite countertops 
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It is also widely used in buildings and countertops, tabletops etc.

 cleaning marble
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A famous building built from marble is Taj Mahal in India.

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