Sandstone Rock

Sandstone rock is medium-grained clastic sedimentary rocks. 

It had larger grains than siltstone and mudstone but smaller than breccia and conglomerate.

Their grains are large and hard enough that they need to be cemented together.

The cement material is silica or calcium carbonate.

 sandstone rock

The grains themselves consist of varying amounts of quartz, micas and feldspars.

 sandstone wall
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The feldspar-rich variety is called arkose (Uluru - Ayers Rock is made of arkose); the quartz-rich variety is called orthoquartzite; and greywacke is rich in both.

 sandstone formation
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Sandstone is the second most common sedimentary rock after shale and it makes up for about 15% of the sedimentary rocks in the crust of the Earth.

 sandstone rocks 
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It is an important rock for geologists because it is abundant and often well exposed.

 grand canyon pictures
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Its layers, beddings, ripple marks and fossils tell them not only about the conditions where the particular rock was formed, but also more general things about the history of geology.

 bruce canyon
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It is also a very spectacular rock - Grand Canyon and Bruce Canyon are only two examples.

 ayers rock australia 
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And, it has been a very handy rock, used in buldings since ancient times.

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