Slate Rock

Slate rock is a low-grade regional metamorphic rock. 

It forms when shale, mudstone, siltstone or felsic igneous rocks are buried and pressures and temperatures rise.

It is a fine grained rock with a slaty cleavage - it is foliated, and it breaks easily along the planes into thin sheets.

This is because mica crystals are all orientated in the same direction, and the bonds between the layers are weak.

 slate rock
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Other major minerals are quartz and feldspar.

 slate roof tile 
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Graphite and pyrite may also be present.

 slate roofing material 
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Different minerals give it different colours.

 slate wall tiles 
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Iron oxides for example may make it red, while if formed in oxygen-poor conditions, the rocks is black.

 slate floor tile
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Unusual for a metamorphic rock is that fossils may be present.

 slate tile flooring 
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This illustrates its low grade - the changes haven't been major.

 garden slate
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Slate is used in roofing, flooring, countertops, blackboards, and electrical panels.

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